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Meet Our Team

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Georgia Greenaway
Nursery Manager

Georgia is our nursery manager, she joined us in 2019 and is our longest serving member off staff. She has 15years experience in childcare and is also our designated safeguarding lead.

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Lauren Greenhill
Baby Room

Lauren joined us in 2021. She has 11years experience and is NVQ3 qualified. She is also our Designated health and safety officer.

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Hannah Childs
Toddler Room

Hannah joined us in 2023. Hannah is currently coming to the end of her Level 3 Early years course in college and will soon be qualified.

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Yasmin Yusuf

Yasmin joined us in 2024. Yasmin is currently studying her Level 3 Early years course in college. Yasmin is one of 10 and has always wanted to work in childcare as she has always cared for her younger siblings and enjoys it. 

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Bernadette Burke-Whyte
Deputy and Senco lead

Bernadette is our deputy manager. She joined us in 2023 having had 37 years’ experience in other setting. Bernadette is also our Senco representative, overseeing any children with different needs.

Megan Moorcroft
Toddler Room

Megan is our designated fire officer. She joined us in 2020. She has 9 years’ experience and has previously worked in other settings. She is NVQ3 qualified and is also level 2 in Senco.

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Debbie joined us in 2022. She has had 38 years experience in early years care and education. Throughout these years she also worked in other nursery settings and in a primary school for 10 years. Debbie is NVQ level 3 qualified. 

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Aiva McKillen

Aiva joined us in 2024. Aiva is currently studying her Level 3 Early years course in college. In Aiva's spare time she also volunteers in a community centre looking after children. 

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Louisa Greenaway

Louisa joined us in 2024. She is a young mum of a little boy and loves to be around children. Her passion is to promote healthy eating and to ensure the children at Little Dragonfly Nursery are provided with healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day. 

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Vicky Royston
Toddler Room

Vicky joined us in 2021, She has 9years experience and is NVQ3 qualified.

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Sophie O'Brien

Sophie joined us in 2022. She has 7years experience and is NVQ2 qualified.

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